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March 14, 2012
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5 - Natsumi by AnzuAngel 5 - Natsumi by AnzuAngel
I think i found why i wasnt happy with the other commissions, the drawings were too small that made the lineart look crappy xD so i made the drawings bigger to make the lineart look cleaner and thiner, and i like it! n.n

This is a commission for :iconxxmanaspellcasterxx:!!

Her OC Natsumi! 8D Hope you like it Mana n.n

Also i think my art block is mostly because i have no new music to listen to xD i usually get super inspired when i have really catchy pop girly japanese/korean music, i usually rape the hell out of a song i like and now all my music is old xD

so if you have any catchy asian music please leave a link for it in the comments!! n.n

Natsumi (c) *XxManaSpellCasterxX
Art by moi
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MikomiKisomi Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Cute! :aww:
DeadCobra Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012
PhotonButterfly Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012
She looks really cute! I love the pose. c:
SheenySmiley Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aaaw qué lovely. Me encantan los ojitos tan moe que haces ahora, son preciosos *-*
Isa-Love-Anime Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012
She looks very pretty, I loved that hairstyle! X3

Ooh, that makes sense, I also think that my drawings look crappy when they're small... So yay, good thing you solved it! =D The shading looks wonderful as usual, and that's one stylish outfit *-*

I don't know many Asian music, but I LOVE this one: [link] XD
EX-Master Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
tghis is cool. i like the way you color. (why does she remind me of storm from the x-men?)
Kittycatgal101 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Student General Artist
Awesome ^^
K-Hibiki Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012
Cute ^^
xDeathpunchx Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2012
Do you use a Tablet to draw?
Im a Noob....
Not sure if its pop

But heres a japanese song

SuG- Gimme gimme
TsuKa90 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2012
what do you have in your playlist? I like listening to 2NE1, Miss A and Big Bang. There are also mash ups of korean pop music by DJ Masa.
Ex: Burning Abracadabra Fire which is a mash up with Sean Kingston Fire Burning, Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra and 2NE1's Fire.
K-Pop in A G6. This one I listen to so often that everytime Like a G6 plays on the radio this version plays in my mind LOL.
Hot K-Pop 2010 (has 30 songs in this mash up)

And Miss A's Breathe (Chinese version) or (korean version) is pretty catchy =]
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